Tax proposals for our city's future.

Proposals will be posted in batches of 10 to 20 a few days in advance of the public meeting in which they will be considered.

Over the past year, the Commission solicited ideas from the public, tax experts and stakeholders. TRC staff then put together the below proposals, largely based off of that input, for Commissioners to consider. These proposals are not final recommendations—those will be presented to the DC Council by the end of 2023.

Proposal List

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The "policy purpose" for each proposal comes from the TRC's guiding principles. Some proposals have more than one policy purpose, but only one is listed here for simplicity. An "r1" indicates the proposal has been revised and the version posted is the most up-to-date.

What happens next?

The process from proposal to final recommendation


The Commission will discuss sets of proposals in a series of public meetings at the MLK Library. You can watch via livestream or attend in-person. Check the "Meetings" page for the schedule.

Public comment

We collected public comments on individual proposals presented in the table above. We held an in-person town hall on November 6th for public comments as well.

Submission to Council

A final set of recommendations will be developed after proposal deliberations and public comments. Those recommendations will be made public and presented to the DC Council in the beginning of 2024.

Proposal status

Keeping you posted on where each proposal is on the docket.

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