Upcoming Meetings

The upcoming meeting will be scheduled soon.
The upcoming meeting will be scheduled soon.

Previous Meetings

Did you miss us? Have no FOMO. Watch the previous meetings here.

DC Tax Revenue Outlook
March 7, 2023
Lessons from the 2013 TRC
February 21, 2023
Economic Development
February 7, 2023
Resiliency and Sustainability
January 31, 2023
Equity and Opportunity in DC
January 19, 2023


How to get ready for meetings. These are our most frequent questions.

Can I attend regular TRC meetings?

Yes. All members of the public are welcome to attend meetings in person or virtually.

What software do I need to join a meeting virtually?

WebEx. It should work in your browser. You can also download the software HERE.

Can I make comments during regular TRC meetings?

Members of the public can watch, but not comment.  We invite public comment and testimony during scheduled public input sessions or via online submissions.

How can I learn about upcoming Commission meetings?

Check back on this site's homepage, which will always show the immediate upcoming meeting. Or signup for email updates HERE.

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