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Welcome to the home page of the 2022-23 DC Tax Revision Commission!

About the Commission. The D.C. Tax Revision Commission is appointed every ten years to bring deep expertise in taxation and economic issues and reflect a diversity and breadth of perspectives to recommend ways to improve the District’s tax system. The Mayor and Council Chair have each appointed five members, with the Chief Financial Officer serving ex officio. The 11 members of the 2022-23 Commission, along with its dedicated staff, include experts on the DC tax system and on the economic and fiscal trends facing the District.

Policy objectives. Based on the statutory charge from the Council and Mayor and on widely recognized principles of sound tax policy, the Commission’s recommendations will ensure that the tax system

  • Can raise enough money – now and in the future -- to provide a level of services that will allow its residents and businesses to thrive;

  • Distributes taxpaying responsibilities fairly and equitably, when possible reflecting ability to pay and without favoring or disfavoring individual communities, with particular attention to racial equity;

  • Adapts to trends in the DC economy and supports the District’s economic development; and

  • Is administered efficiently and transparently.


John A. Wilson building

How the Commission is doing its work. After carefully considering testimony, research, and perspectives from a range of experts and the general public, Commission members will work together to develop a package of recommendations to the Mayor and Council in the fall of 2023. A key goal for the Commission is to provide District policymakers, residents and businesses with a better understanding of our tax system and what it pays for and what the options are for improvement. To expand its perspective, the Commission is soliciting input from outside experts, interest groups, and District residents and businesses. The work of the Commission is governed by the District’s Open Meetings requirements and by a spirit of transparency and civic engagement; members of the public can attend Commission meetings and review finished work products and materials via its website. In addition, the Commission is planning several public input sessions and other opportunities to contribute to the Commission’s work.

§ 47–462. Tax Revision Commission — Established; submission of recommendations. | D.C. Law Library

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