The people behind the Tax Revision Commission

We bring diverse perspectives

The Tax Revision Commission is made up of 11 members. The DC Mayor and DC Council Chair each appointed five members, with the Chief Financial Officer serving ex officio. The Commission contains a breadth of tax or economic policy expertise, as well as different ideological and industry perspectives. The TRC's recommendations will reflect their broad cross-section of the DC experience.

Outside Experts Involved

Guiding Principles

Our recommendations will produce –

A broader, resilient tax base for a post-COVID economy … to protect against economic shifts and shocks and ensure future funding for high-quality public services, and share tax burdens fairly across the community.

Progressivity and racial equity … to eliminate racial disparities, protect low-income residents, and lift up our middle class.

Economic efficiency and competitiveness … to advance growth and prosperity for all residents.

Simple, open, and fair administrative processes … to reduce compliance burdens for residents and businesses.

In our work together, we will –

Follow the data … ensuring that our recommendations are based on sound research.

Engage with people across the District … listening to a diversity of ideas and perspectives.

Work together collaboratively … to develop consensus support for bold, thoughtful recommendations.

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Appointed members of the deliberative body.
Organizational affiliations are for information only.

Tony Williams
Federal City Council
CEO & Executive Director
Rahsaan G. Bernard
Building Bridges Across the River
David Catania
Georgetown Public Affairs
Managing Director
James L. Hudson, Esq
Glen Lee
District of Columbia
Chief Financial Officer
Gregory McCarthy
The Nationals
Senior VP of Community Engagement
Jodie McLean
Chief Executive Officer
Carolyn Rudd
CRP, Inc.
Yesim Sayin
D.C. Policy Center
Executive Director
Erica Williams
DC Fiscal Policy Institute
Executive Director
Rashad Young
Howard University
Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer


Mike Hegeman
Tax Revision Commission
Senior Research Associate
Nick Johnson
Tax Revision Commission
Executive Director
Rebecca Strauss
Tax Revision Commission
Senior Policy Analyst

Enabling Legislation

The DC Tax Revision Commission was created by (D.C. Code § 47–462). You can read the full document here.

There is established a Tax Revision Commission (“Commission”) with the purpose of preparing comprehensive recommendations to the Council and the Mayor which:
(1) Provide for fairness and equity in the apportionment of taxes and promote progressivity;
(2) Broaden the tax base;
(3) Make the District’s tax policy more competitive with surrounding jurisdictions;
(4) Encourage business growth and job creation; and
(5) Modernize, simplify, and increase transparency in the District’s tax code.

Specific functions of the Commission shall include the following:

  1. To analyze the District’s current tax system in terms of revenue productivity and stability, efficiency, equity, simplicity of administration, and effect upon the District’s economy;
  2. To propose innovative solutions for meeting the District’s projected revenue needs while recommending potential modifications to tax rates;
  3. To identify economic activities which are either beneficial or detrimental to the District’s economy and which should be either encouraged or discouraged through tax policy;
  4. To recommend changes in the District’s current tax policies and laws;
  5. To establish or revise criteria and a conceptual framework for evaluating current and future taxes. Such criteria and framework shall consider racial equity impacts;
  6. To identify unused and duplicative tax credits and tax abatements and recommend policy changes to improve the way the District utilizes tax expenditures; and
  7. To analyze the specific changes to the District's tax system since the Commission's most recent recommendations to determine the extent to which such changes are consistent with the principles identified in this section.
§ 47–462. Tax Revision Commission — Established; submission of recommendations. | DC Law Library