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D.C. Tax Revision Commission Authorizing Legislation § 47–461

Presentations and Papers Submitted to the D.C. Tax Revisions Commission

Francis, Norton, Director of Revenue Estimation, Office of the Chief Financial Officer. DC Economy and Revenue. (Presented to the commission on September 6th, 2022)

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Latest Revenue estimate: February 2022

Latest Economic and Revenue Trend Report: March 2022

Latest DC Cash Collection Report: April 2022

Main tax structure

DC Tax Facts (2021)                                           

DC Tax Facts Visual Guide (2019)                             

Revenue history

DC Data Book 2021                                                   


Tax burdens

   Individual Families

2020 Tax Burden Study - National (2022)                      

2020 Tax Burden Study - Regional (2021)                     


2020 Tax Burden Study - Corporate (2022)                 

Individual income taxes

DC Statistics of Income (2021)